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In case you have not visited the Piazza, don’t worry it is never too late, you might have heard this phrase and it definitely stands true in terms of shopping as well. The best part is that below are some of the important details regarding a few tenants at Piazza, knowing these will make your trip more effectively as this will save up on both your time and energy in trying to locate the exact position of the shop you are interested in visiting.  

On the ground floor of Piazza are various hops opened, one of which is a shop serving Hornsby seafood shop owned by Harry and also entitled with the name of the owner. It is definitely the best shop for seafood in all of Hornsby.  Under the name of “hook and cook” by Harry it is surely one of the most prominent and popular shops in the entire center, number one due to its location and second due to the quality and taste of seafood served here. So what are you waiting for hurry up and appreciate the delightful supper of fish of your choice and French fries if you are also a potato lover. The plus point is the shop provides dual opportunity of sitting there and eating or taking home packed home and eating it over a sleepover or movie night with your girl gang.  In case you are concerned about the timings, then do not worry as mostly there exchange hours are longer than that of the rest of the center so relax and enjoy the scrumptious food. 

From Monday to Saturday the shop is open for food lovers from ten in the morning to eight thirty at night. It is also open on Sundays from eleven in the morning to eight thirty at night in case you want a Sunday brunch or dinner with your family or friends. In case you want to give in a call contact them at the following number 94766022 and those interested in knowing the exact location this shop is the first shop in Florence Street at 25-31. 

The second shop at Piazza is the one by Merino which provides hairdressing services exclusively to men. So, all the boys out there who get inspired by hairstyles of football players and athletes must not worry anymore as Merino is there to fulfill your desire to look like your favorite celebrity.  From trimming to cutting and styling and dying they do it all and are expert at what they do, in case you are interested as your hair have grown over the summer vacations and before high school or college opens book for yourself an appointment by giving a call at the following number 94763249. There are situated on Florence Street right next to seafood by Harry and are open for their customers all week days except Sundays. On Monday to Friday they are open from eight in the morning to five thirty in the afternoon with a two hour extension in closing time on Thursdays i.e. seven thirty. On Saturdays they provide services from eight to four. For more information, please log on to

As a child, you never think about the day that your parents would no longer be there. You think that they would forever be getting into your business and annoying you. Thus, that is why it is difficult for many people to accept their parent’s passing. But they not only have to accept this passing. But they would also be subjected to their will. This, therefore, means that they would end up inheriting their parent’s house. We know that this is something that you would know would happen in the future. But you would still not be prepared for this day. Thus, that is why you would be experiencing a barrage of questions. You now have to decide what to do with this house. Should you move in and live there, should you rent it out or sell it? We understand that this is a difficult decision to make. But it is still a decision that you have to make.

Assess The Mortgage

Before you begin to worry about the conveyancer fees you need to determine whether the mortgage has been paid off. If this is the house that you lived at from the day you were born you would think that this matter would be settled. But this is not always the case. It is true that some parents manage to pay off their mortgage. But then during the latter years, they would take a reverse mortgage. Many people do this in order to fund their retirement years. Therefore sometimes it would not have been possible for them to pay everything off.

Thus, if this is the case you need to find out what the outstanding amount is.Furthermore, if this house was purchased after your parents retired then you know one thing for sure. That is that while they may have paid off the conveyancer they would not have paid the mortgage. Therefore you need to be prepared for this scenario.

Inspect The House

As this is your parent’s house you may think that you know all there is to know about this property. But this is not always the case. If you have not lived in this current property in years you would not really know its current condition. Thus, that is why we are advising you to get this house inspected. This does not mean going around the house and assessing every corner and nook. Instead, you need to hire a professional to complete this task.Inheriting your parent’s house should be a happy occasion. That is because they have bestowed upon you a legacy.

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